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    BUDGET WRANGLING HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Connecticut lawmakers are at odds over how to retool next fiscal year’s budget, with a May 9 adjournment deadline approaching. Democrats and Republicans debated dueling budget proposals in the Appropriations Committee on Friday. Making matters more confusing, Democratic House members successfully “splitâ€� the joint committee, allowing only House members – not senators – to vote on the Democrats’ $20.8 billion plan. It passed 21-19, but its fate is uncertain.   The post FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »

    PROBLEMS MOUNT Issues of re­sponse times and missed calls aside, the Led­yard Vol­un­teer Am­bu­lance Ser­vice is also dealing with an in­ter­nal le­gal dis­pute. One of its members has filed a dis­crim­i­na­tion complaint based on gender, a bi-polar condition and a perception of post-trau­matic stress dis­or­der. It’s resulted in resignations, $4,600 in le­gal fees and a $1,500 set­tle­ment. The contract with the town was ended recently and proposals are being sought for other ambulance service options.   The post FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »

    MONTVILLE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS CHARGED The Montville school district is reeling following revelations of a so-called student “fight clubâ€� at the high school. Three administrators have been arrested after police say they failed to report the situation. Superintendent Brian Levesque, Montville High Principal Jeffrey Theodoss, and Assistant Principal Tatiana Patten each turned themselves in this morning. A former substitute teacher at Montville High was arrested last week after being accused of running the fight club.   The post THURSDAY EVENING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »
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