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    MEDDLING ALLEGED The Mashantucket Pequots and the State of Connecticut allege that interference by Nevada lawmakers and the White House “tainted the administrative process” that led the U.S. Department of the Interior to withhold approval of the tribe’s amended gaming agreement with the state. That amendment is needed for the Pequots and Mohegan tribe to open a joint casino in East Windsor.  In the filing Wednesday in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia,   The post FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »

    ANOTHER GUBERNATORIAL DEBATE HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – Republican governor candidate Bob Stefanowski is trying to paint his Democratic and independent rivals as fans of big spending and taxes. They are accusing him of providing few specifics on his policy proposals. Several times during Thursday’s debate Democrat Ned Lamont and petitioning independent candidate Oz Griebel  pressed political newcomer Stefanowski to offer details of where he’d cut wasteful spending in Connecticut’s state budget and how he’d pay for transportation improvements.    The post THURSDAY EVENING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »

    SOMERS VS STATCHEN About 350 residents turned out for last nigh’ts debate between State Sen. Heather Somers and Democratic challenger Bob Statchen vying for the 18th Senate District seat. The question of a $15. dollar minimum was asked. Mr Statchen says people need to be able to live with dignity and he supports the hike.  Somers says it a “noble idea” but because of the state’s fiscal mess, the timing is wrong.  Statchen says he supports highway tolls but Somers says residents can’t afford it.   The post THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE appeared first on 98.7 WNLC.More »
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