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1. Place of birth (city/state/country): Born: Windham Hospital, Willimantic, CT

2. Three things you could, but would rather not, live without: iPhone, iPhone, and……toilet paper. (never know when nature will call)

3. Oft used phrase or favorite quote: “You are absolutely, positively, on fire!”

4. Cartoon, fictional, or real life character you would most like hang out with and why: Lunch with Larry David….why? ‘cuz it’s LARRY DAVID…right, Franco?? HA!

5. What is the most embarrassing CD you have in your collection?: Britney…..oh geez.

6. What did you want to grow up to be? Exactly what I am now…a radio personality…or lack thereof….

7. What movie have you watched over and over? ROCKY….(proud owner of the dvd set)

8. What television show (cartoon or otherwise) had the most influence on you, and why? Family Ties….idolize MJ  Fox…can’t wait for his new show!)

9. Do you have a favorite sound? If so, what is it? Fart.

10. What is your favorite comfort food or guilty pleasure? Frozen blueberries or Sugar Snap Peas!

11. What was the worst or weirdest job you ever had?  Worst job: 3-day trial job at KFC at age 16…dad attempted to show me there was more out there than radio….FAIL.

12. Do you practice funny voices or accents when driving alone in your car? And if so, describe one: No, but I HEAR voices! Shhhhh!

13. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? “Welcome to the Pearly Gates, now smile, let me those pearly whites!”